Founded by a group of friends in 2006, Forfey Festival was the springboard from which Forfey Ltd. was established in 2010.

It was in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie that the company was borne, and so it has continued to date. You can’t fake a labour of love.


There’s no “I” in team unless you spell badly

We’re proud of our team, and who they’ve become.

Over the last ten years, we’ve grown and maintained a core team of people. We constantly work to hit that tricky balance between having the best people, with great, friendly attitudes, who pay the utmost attention to clients and each other.

Because it’s no good to have all-gear-no-ear.

Matt Minford
Co-Founder & MD, Audio Engineer

Ross Thompson
Installation Manager, Lighting Designer

Mark Kernohan
Rope Access Tech, Audio Engineer

Ian Jordan
Co-Founder, Audio Engineer

Megan Joyce
Operations Manager, Audio Engineer

Thomas Camblin
Development Manager, Lighting Designer

Tim Whittaker
Social Media Manager, A/V Tech

David Lusty
Audio Engineer, Lighting Designer

Lynsey Fleming
Stage Manager, Audio Engineer

Krystal Mohn
Accounts, Star Baker (most weeks)

Matt Laverty
Set Designer, A/V Tech

James T. Clarke
Set Designer, Logistics